CWS Forecast: Northeast Pennsylvania

Storms associated with a strong cold front will continue into this morning across the commonwealth and bring cooler weather in its wake in the afternoon. Clear and mild weather dominated by  high pressure will persist through the week. Wednesday a weak cold front will pass bringing late afternoon clouds and showers to north Central PA. To end the week, hot air will return Thursday and Friday.

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Day One: Tuesday, June 28th 2022

Sunny skies throughout the day and night.

High: 62°F

Low: 32°F

Day Two: Wednesday, June 29th 2022

Clear skies during the day and overnight.

High: 63°F

Low: 36°F

Day Three: Thursday, June 30th 2022

Mostly sunny during the day with rain showers overnight.

High: 65°F

Low: 50°F

Day Four: Friday, July 1st 2022

Cloudy with rain showers during the day. Mostly cloudy skies overnight.

High: 68°F

Low: 49°F

Day Five: Saturday, July 2nd 2022

A chance of showers with partly cloudy skies throughout the day and night.

High: 71°F

Low: 50°F

Last Updated on April 29, 2022 at 10:31 am