CWS Forecast: Southeast Pennsylvania

Below-average temperatures as well as showery conditions associated with the remnants of Hurricane Ian will overtake the Commonwealth this weekend. Rain, occasionally heavy in some locations, is probable between Saturday morning (with southern regions receiving precipitation first) and late Sunday night (precipitation tapers off from west to east). East and southeastern portions of the state could receive rain until late Monday night as another low pressure system swirls off the Delmarva Peninsula. After precipitation ceases everywhere, a high pressure system grips the region on Tuesday and Wednesday. This area of high pressure could preserve cloud cover and prolong the below-average temperatures experienced over the past week for these two days before warmer weather reappears afterward.

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Day One: Saturday, October 1st 2022

Scattered showers arrive early in the morning and stick around for the day. A rumble of thunder or two is possible.

High: 60°F 

Low: 55°F

Day Two: Sunday, October 2nd 2022

Scattered showers throughout the day.

High: 60°F

Low: 48°

Day Three: Monday, October 3rd 2022

Scattered showers throughout the day.

High: 55°F

Low: 48°

Day Four: Tuesday, October 4th 2022

Lingering showers early in the morning, otherwise mostly cloudy for the day. Clouds move out of the region overnight.

High: 60°

Low: 49°F

Day Five: Wednesday, October 5th 2022

Mostly clear skies with a few high clouds.

High: 69°F

Low: 50°F

Last Updated on September 30, 2022 at 4:42 pm