CWS Forecast: Southeast Pennsylvania

A high pressure system sits over the east coast, bringing sunny and warm summer weather for the end of this work week. Some clouds will move into the commonwealth late on Friday night, ahead of scatted thunderstorms throughout the day on Saturday. Thunderstorms may carry over into the early hours on Sunday, but skies clear up later in the afternoon. A cold front moves across the eastern half of the United States on Monday and Tuesday, bringing thunderstorms on a fairly hot Monday and a cooler than average Tuesday to start the work week.

Day One: Friday, June 18th 2021

Clear skies and breezy.

High: 64°F

Low: 54°F

Day Two: Saturday, June 19th 2021

Mostly cloudy during the day and mostly cloudy overnight.

High: 79°F

Low: 65°F

Day Three: Sunday, June 20th 2021

Scattered showers and mostly cloudy.

High: 68°F 

Low: 58°

Day Four: Monday, June 21st 2021

Rain chances increase during the afternoon hours, lasting throughout the overnight.

High: 81°F

Low: 63°F

Day Five: Tuesday, June 22nd 2021

Mostly cloudy during the day with clearing overnight.

High: 66°F

Low: 49°F

Last Updated on April 30, 2021 at 5:04 pm