CWS Forecast: Ridge and Valley Region                                        

Rain is in the forecast across the Commonwealth. A low pressure that has been stalling just to the north will finally begin to move further east today, turning winds Northwest off of the lake. Clouds and rain will be expected throughout the state as a result, with temperatures staying cool as well. Conditions look to improve for Wednesday and Thursday when a strong high pressure moves into the region, bringing sunny skies and warmer temperatures. By Thursday evening, another low pressure will begin to strengthen in the Great Lakes region of the country and will slowly begin to push eastward. Overnight Thursday will see the passage of a warm front associated with this system, bringing rain and even a chance at some thunderstorms. This chance should continue throughout the day Friday with hot and humid conditions. As the weekend starts, a weak cold front is expected to cross the state, and Saturday will see rain and a few thunderstorms once again.

Day One: Tuesday, June 27th 2017

A few passing clouds over the course of the day.

High: 68°F

Low: 54°F

Day Two: Wednesday, June 28th 2017

Mostly clear skies with mild temperatures.

High: 76°F

Low: 52°F

Day Three: Thursday, June 29th 2017

Sunny during the day, with cloud cover beginning to form late in the evening.

High: 84°F

Low: 61°F

Day Four: Friday, June 30th 2017

Some scattered rain showers during the day, with some thunder.  Mostly overcast in the evening.

High: 86°F

Low: 68°F

Day Five: Saturday, July 1st 2017

Mostly cloudy during the day, with rain overnight.

High: 85°F

Low: 69°F