CWS Forecast: Pittsburgh Metro

Tuesday will see scattered showers and plenty of cloud cover across the Commonwealth. Wednesday will see more scattered storms, as thunderstorms will pop up during the day across the state. Temperatures will increase notably. Thursday will continue to see above average temperatures and high humidity, along with more showers and storms in the daytime. Friday will continue to see severe weather throughout Pennsylvania, but following the departure of these storms, temperature will cool down. This will lead to a cooler and calmer weekend for the Commonwealth.

Day One: Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

A few showers in the afternoon giving way to broken clouds overnight.

High: 58°F

Low: 43°F

Day Two: Thursday, June 4th 2020

Mostly cloudy skies for the day time hours with an afternoon rain shower possible. Partly cloudy skies overnight.

High: 56°F

Low: 53°F

Day Three: Friday, June 5th 2020

Partly cloudy skies throughout the day with skies becoming mostly cloudy overnight.

High: 63°F

Low: 52°

Day Four: Saturday, June 6th 2020

Warm with rain showers. Skies clear overnight.

High: 67°F

Low: 41°F

Day Five: Sunday, June 7th 2020

Sunny skies in the morning with clouds moving in throughout the afternoon. Partly cloudy overnight.

High: 61°F

Low: 33°F

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