CWS Forecast: Pittsburgh Metro

A strong cold front passed last night, bringing the coldest air of the season so far to the state. Along it, a weak low will develop, bringing light snow for the southeastern areas. There will be minor accumulations, with the highest totals in the areas farthest south and east. Despite being the coldest air of the season, there will only be a few lake effect snow showers as there is a less than ideal wind direction and an extremely dry airmass. The snow will move out by around mid-day, and skies will clear in the southeast. However, the rest of the state will stay cloudy. Outside areas close to Lake Erie, skies will clear overnight, and this will cause lows to fall into the single digits, with the coldest areas falling below zero. Friday will be mostly sunny, but despite that, temperatures will stay well below average. Winds will calm for Friday night, and combined with clear skies and a deep snowpack, temperatures throughout the state will fall to around zero or go just below. However, the coldest locations could make a run at negative 10. Temperatures will warm up for the weekend, but despite that, they will stay below freezing statewide. There will be no major storms in the near future.

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Day One: Thursday, January 20th 2022

Overcast with a few snow flurries during the day, mostly clear overnight.

High: 28°F 

Low: 12°F 

Day Two: Friday, January 21st 2022

Cold temperatures and clear skies during the day and overnight.

High: 20°F

Low: 7°F 

Day Three: Saturday, January 22nd 2022

Sunshine early, clouds increasing throughout the day.

High: 24°F

Low: 18°F

Day Four: Sunday, January 23rd 2022

Overcast skies during the day and overnight.

High: 26°F

Low: 14°F

Day Five: Monday, January 24th 2022

Mostly cloudy skies throughout the day, snow showers possible overnight.

High: 32°F

Low: 26°F