CWS Forecast: Northern Susquehanna

As cold air spills into the commonwealth on Friday, the remnants of lake effect clouds in northwest PA will fade away. An overcast quickly builds in overnight in advance of a winter storm that will bring accumulating snow and sleet to many on Saturday, as well as run the full gamut of precipitation types. After an arctic cold front brings snow showers and squalls to western PA overnight into Sunday, areas downwind of Lake Erie will be dealing with lake effect snow through Sunday evening. Mostly cloudy skies and flurries stay parked over northern and western portions of the state on Monday, with southeastern areas seeing considerably more sunshine. Skies will become mostly sunny for Tuesday.

Day One: Monday, January 20th 2020

Overcast with rain showers throughout the day, warm.

High: 40°F

Low: 34°F

Day Two: Tuesday, January 21st 2020

A morning rain or snow shower giving way to partly cloudy skies and much colder conditions.

High: 35°F

Low: 27°F

Day Three: Wednesday, January 22nd 2020

Morning snow quickly changing to freezing rain and then rain.

High: 33°F

Low: 28↑°F

Day Four: Thursday, January 23rd 2020

A morning shower giving way to partly cloud skies with cold conditions.

High: 36°F

Low: 26°F

Day Five: Friday, January 24th 2020

Partly cloudy with very cold conditions and a scattered snow shower.

High: 23↓°F

Low: 16°F

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