CWS Forecast: Northeast Pennsylvania

It is looking to be a seasonal week for much of the Commonwealth over the next few days. A high pressure will keep our temperatures low throughout the overnight and morning hours on Saturday, and fairy dry for the big white-out game against Michigan on Saturday night. On Sunday, remnants from tropical storm Nestor could possibly bring some showers to the eastern portion of the state throughout the daytime hours. Temperatures will be fairly mild in the western half of the state out near Pittsburgh, with lower temperatures in the eastern half of the state. On Monday, temperatures will be around average and it will be fairly quiet until Tuesday, when a low pressure system from the west will bring rain for the entire state, bringing colder, below average temperatures for the rest of the forecast period.

Day One: Saturday, October 19th 2019

Mostly sunny throughout the day with clouds beginning to stream in overnight.

High: 54°F 

Low: 44°F

Day Two: Sunday, October 20th 2019

Mostly cloudy with showers associated with the remnants of Nestor. Clearing begins overnight.

High: 47°F

Low: 43°F

Day Three: Monday, October 21st 2019

Some breaks in the clouds during the day but becoming mainly overcast during the night.

High: 60°F 

Low: 51°F

Day Four: Tuesday, October 22nd 2019

Rain showers during the day with clearing beginning at night.

High: 55°F

Low: 40°F

Day Five: Wednesday, October 23rd 2019

Mostly clear during the day and at night

High: 54°F

Low: 45°F