CWS Forecast: Northeast Pennsylvania

An active pattern is in store for Pennsylvania over the weekend and the beginning of next week we have multiple storms making their way towards our area. Starting off with Saturday, a strong, rapidly intensifying system will bring rain throughout the area throughout the day, with precipitation especially strong in the Western Portion of the state. This precipitation will eventually change over to snow by Saturday night for the western half of the state before shutting off completely overnight. Sunday morning looks to be clear and cold for most of the state with the exception for northwestern Pennsylvania which will see lake effect snow showers throughout the day. On Monday, yet another wintry storm will progress into the area, bringing a mixed bag of wintry precipitation in the afternoon hours before changing over to all rain by Monday night into Tuesday morning, so keep that in mind for any travel plans after finals! As the system moves out quickly on Tuesday night, skies will clear and temperatures will crash for Wednesday as more lake effect snow is possible by the end of the forecast period.

Day One: Sunday, December 15th 2019

Overcast with occasional rain showers throughout the day, warm.

High: 46°F

Low: 33°F

Day Two: Monday, December 16th 2019

Partly cloudy, cold, and windy with a brief snow shower possible.

High: 39°F

Low: 23°F

Day Three: Tuesday, December 17th 2019

A burst of late morning snow quickly changing to a wintry mix and eventually rain throughout the afternoon, becoming warmer.

High: 35°F 

Low: 30↑°F

Day Four: Wednesday, December 18th 2019

Overcast with scattered rain showers, yielding to partly cloudy skies and cooler conditions later on.

High: 41↓°F

Low: 25°F

Day Five: Thursday, December 19th 2019

Partly cloudy skies and very cold with a slight chance of snow showers during the day.

High: 26°F

Low: 16°F