CWS Forecast: Northeast Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania will feel chilly today as a bitter westerly wind will create a wind chill factor around 5-10 degrees below actual air temperature, particularly on Wednesday. Clouds will build across much of the state heading into Thursday as an area of low pressure will skirt north of the area, possibly bringing snow showers into northern Pennsylvania on Thursday. Behind the storm, a strong high pressure off to the west will build and usher in below average temperatures for the state. Winds out of the north Saturday may provide lake effect snow showers for the north western parts of the commonwealth. Sunday will feature average like temperatures and calm winds.

Day One: Wednesday, January 20th 2021

Overcast throughout the day and overnight with stray rain showers possible.

High: 54°F

Low: 45°F

Day Two: Thursday, January 21st 2021

Mostly cloudy throughout the day and overnight.

High: 50°F

Low: 32°F

Day Three: Friday, January 22nd 2021

Mostly cloudy during the day with clouds clearing out in the evening. Mostly clear overnight.

High: 40°F

Low: 26°F

Day Four: Saturday, January 23rd 2021

Partly cloudy throughout the day and overnight.

High: 30°F

Low: 24°F 

Day Five: Sunday, January 24th 2021

Cloudy early with snow starting later in the day continuing into the late evening. Overcast skies overnight.

High: 25°F

Low: 19°F

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