CWS Forecast: Northeast Pennsylvania

A late April burst of wild weather will be seen throughout the Commonwealth this weekend. From severe storms Friday to a (very!) late batch of snow for certain portions of the state, we will certainly see both ends of the weather spectrum throughout Pennsylvania. Starting with Friday, the state will continue to see lingering storms as we progress into the evening, with lingering showers remaining for Movin’ On and fraternity spring formals. The possibility for an isolated thunderstorm remains as convective instability decreases overnight. The frontal passage causes strong winds to continue throughout the weekend, similarly to Friday’s conditions. Expect gusts approaching 40 miles per hour throughout Saturday, with some colder temperatures expected throughout Saturday night and into Sunday. Sunday morning brings another round of weather mayhem, with snow expected for the north central and northwest sections of Pennsylvania, with some flurries possible as far south as State College. Accumulations will be light, but certainly an inch or so of snowfall is not out of the questions for the far northern counties of the state! A warmup follows Monday, and so does some rain to start the week, but clearer skies can be expected into Tuesday and Wednesday with things starting to look and feel much more like normal.

Day One: Monday, August 26th 2019

Windy and cooler under mostly cloudy skies.

High: 56°F 

Low: 34°F

Day Two: Tuesday, August 27th 2019

Much colder with rain and snow showers, with snow showers more widespread in the higher elevations.

High: 45°F

Low: 29°F

Day Three: Wednesday, August 28th 2019

Partly cloudy and seasonably cool with rain showers moving in overnight.

High: 56°F 

Low: 45°F

Day Four: Thursday, August 29th 2019

Mostly cloudy and more seasonable with rain showers around. The rain showers will become more widespread overnight.

High: 62°F

Low: 51°F

Day Five: Friday, August 30th 2019

Rain showers around throughout the day, tapering off at night along with much cooler conditions.

High: 63°F

Low: 44°F