CWS Forecast: North-Central Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth will be affected by multiple rounds of precipitation to end the week. Rain will begin to move through the area early today and will continue into the evening hours. Mixed precipitation is likely in the northern part of the state this morning, changing into mostly snow later in the day. However, the majority of Pennsylvania will be affected by bouts of heavy rain into Friday, so make sure to bring that umbrella. Temperatures will also return to around average today and persist for the next couple of days, departing from the warm anomaly seen over the last few days. Rain will continue as we move into the weekend. Some areas may even see some mixed precipitation Friday evening. Saturday morning will give us a brief break in the rain, but it will resume in the evening hours and continue into Sunday night. Rain will finally move out of the Commonwealth Monday morning as high pressure builds, leading to a pleasant start to the work week.

Day One: Thursday, February 22nd 2018

Cloudy conditions to kick off the day. In the afternoon, a mix of snow and sleet is expected. This precipitation will change over to rain during the PM hours.

High: 38°F

Low: 31°F

Day Two: Friday, February 23rd 2018

Cloudy start to the day. Evening sleet and rain is expected.

High: 52°F

Low: 38°F

Day Three: Saturday, February 24th 2018

Once again another cloudy day. Rain is expected in the evening.

High: 48°F

Low: 40°F

Day Four: Sunday, February 25th 2018

Rain all day. Will taper off overnight.

High: 56°F

Low: 29°F

Day Five: Monday, February 26th 2018

Finally some sun! A few passing clouds later in the day.

High: 46°F

Low: 26°F