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The Campus Weather Service at Penn State is a volunteer weather forecasting organization that is entirely student-run. Our purpose is two-fold: to provide both an opportunity for students to hone their forecasting skills and a free forecasting service to the community. We offer our weather forecasts as well as around-the-clock severe weather coverage to radio stations, newspapers, and amusement parks across Pennsylvania. After more than 40 years of service, our client base has expanded and our membership has increased to over 100 students, yet CWS continues to offer all services completely free of charge.

The Campus Weather Service issues its forecasts based on our student meteorologists’ opinions of what the weather situation will be like. Therefore, the forecasts may not be accurate; they are, in fact, forecasts. Any severe weather alerts that appear on our site are issued by the National Weather Service. Users are solely responsible for action or lack of action taken.

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