CWS Forecast: Laurel Highlands

Following the recent cold spell, warm weather will move into Pennsylvania on Friday and continue to warm throughout the day with consistent temperatures at night. Starting Saturday morning, a low pressure system that is pushing warm air ahead of it, will impact the entire state most of the day with heavy precipitation and potential flooding. As the cold front moves through, the temperature will gradually decrease, eventually becoming cold enough to produce snow on the back end of the system When the front moves ahead, cold weather and clear skies will remain for the next few days until Tuesday night when the next weather system comes. In the meantime before temperatures rise again, dress warm and expect chilly weather to stay for the foreseeable future. As of yesterday, December first, it is officially the start of meteorological winter.

Day One: Thursday, December 1st 2022

Breezy day with mostly clear skies that will continue overnight.

High: 32°F

Low: 23°F

Day Two: Friday, December 2nd 2022

Mostly sunny during the day with clouds moving in during the evening. Showers will begin late overnight.

High: 49°F

Low: 34°F

Day Three: Saturday, December 3rd 2022

Rain showers in the morning will persist into the afternoon. Breezy and clear skies overnight.

High: 52°F

Low: 21°

Day Four: Sunday, December 4th 2022

Partly cloudy skies during the day with mostly cloudy skies overnight.

High: 38°F

Low: 25°F

Day Five: Monday, December 5th 2022

Mostly sunny skies during the day with clouds building in overnight.

High: 40°F

Low: 30°F

Last Updated on November 30, 2022 at 10:36 pm