CWS Forecast: Huntingdon County

As the work week wraps up on Friday, two different days will be seen across the Commonwealth. In eastern regions of the state, a weak tropical system will move up the coast, bringing heavy rain and gusty winds with temperatures in the 70s. Western and central regions can expect to see a more typical summer day with temperatures in the 80s and spotty clouds, but an overnight cold front could lead to a line of thunderstorms impacting the area. This theme will flip on Saturday, as a low pressure system will bring cool, showery weather to western and central regions. Eastern regions can expect a hot, fair day with temperatures near Philly surging into the 90s. Sunday will feature the same, with hotter weather southeast and cooler, more dreary weather farther west. As the week starts up on Monday and Tuesday, a broad low pressure system will lead to showers overspreading the Commonwealth with temperatures cooler than average, especially in western locales.

Day One: Saturday, July 11th 2020

Chance of thunderstorms starting around midday into the evening hours.

High: 91°F

Low: 69°F  

Day Two: Sunday, July 12th 2020

Chance of a passing shower overnight.

High: 88°F 

Low: 68°F

Day Three: Monday, July 13th 2020

Rain showers leading into thunderstorm activity.

High: 86°F

Low: 64°F

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