CWS Forecast: Capital Region

Day One: Saturday, September 19th 2020

A great start to the weekend with sunny skies and clear conditions.

High: 62°F

Low: 40°F

Day Two: Sunday, September 20th 2020

Sunny skies stick around with temperatures below average for the day.

High: 64°F

Low: 39°F

Day Three: Monday, September 21st 2020

Another sunny day with temperatures staying below average.

High: 65°F

Low: 41°F

Day Four: Tuesday, September 22nd 2020

A great start to fall! The sunshine persists and temperatures increase.

High: 71°F

Low: 51°

Day Five: Wednesday, September 23rd 2020

The broken record pattern continues with mostly clear conditions and temperatures now sitting above average for this time of the year.

High: 78°F

Low: 56°F 

Last Updated on September 18, 2020 at 4:50 pm