CWS Forecast: Capital Region

A mainly unsettled week is on tap for Pennsylvania this week as multiple low pressure systems traverse the area. A powerful nor’easter will bring heavy rainfall to eastern regions of the state on Tuesday and early Wednesday. Strong wind gusts are also possible across much of the state beginning Tuesday morning, with breezy weather continuing through Wednesday. Although some sun will break out mid-week, mainly cloudy skies look to envelop the area again by Thursday in approach of a new low pressure system. Rain looks likely throughout much of Friday with showers lingering into Saturday. By the second half of the weekend, improving conditions should begin to take over for the Commonwealth as November arrives.

Day One: Tuesday, October 26th 2021

Showers throughout the day with some thunder and strong winds possible. Showers persist in the evening, ending overnight.

High: 60°F

Low: 52°

Day Two: Wednesday, October 27th 2021

Seasonable temperatures and sunny. Winds can gust up to 20mph. Clear conditions continuing overnight

High: 66°F

Low: 44°F

Day Three: Thursday, October 28th 2021

Sunny in the morning with clouds moving in by the afternoon. Slight chance for a spotty shower in the overnight hours.

High: 64°F

Low: 50°F

Day Four: Friday, October 29th 2021

Scattered showers throughout the day with increasing rain chances during mid-morning and early-afternoon. Winds can gust to 20mph in the early-afternoon. Scattered showers remain for the evening and overnight hours.

High: 55°F

Low: 50°F

Day Five: Saturday, October 30th 2021

Leftover rain showers in the morning continue into the early-afternoon hours. Clouds are expected to stay through the evening and overnight.

High: 60°F

Low: 50°F

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