CWS Forecast: Capital Region

Overlooking the weekend, there is a plan for warmer than average temperatures throughout Pennsylvania. A low-pressure system will be progressing north over the Atlantic, washing the Commonwealth over with scattered, light showers throughout Saturday. Good news for Sunday is that a high-pressure system will progress just above our state, near the Great Lakes. This will give way to enjoyable weather and clear skies. Monday is faced with partly sunny skies throughout the day in the Northwest and Pittsburgh Metro regions. This cloud coverage will continue overnight into Tuesday making for cloudy skies across most of Pennsylvania, considering showers along the western areas during the night. When we hit Wednesday, remnants from a low-pressure system passing over the Great Lakes will cause a possibility of showers trending in the western regions. Bringing about, cooler weather and mostly cloudy skies for the remainder of the day.

Day One: Sunday, September 19th 2021

Mix of clouds and sun. Very warm and humid.

High: 84°F

Low: 60°

Day Two: Monday, September 20th 2021

Remaining warm during the day, with noticeably cooler temperatures overnight.

High: 76°F

Low: 54°F

Day Three: Tuesday, September 21st 2021

Mostly clear skies with lower humidity throughout the day and overnight. Pleasant.

High: 76°F

Low: 55°F

Day Four: Wednesday, September 22nd 2021

Mostly cloudy skies during the morning, with an  increasing chance of showers during the afternoon and evening hours.

High: 75°F

Low: 58°F

Day Five: Thursday, September 23rd 2021

Rain showers likely throughout the day. Significantly cooler temperatures overnight.

High: 68°F

Low: 50°F

Last Updated on September 17, 2021 at 5:15 pm